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BioniX Ltd. Belongs to the group of companies “PrimeCell Bioscience”.


BioniX Ltd. Belongs to the group of companies “PrimeCell Bioscience”. Based on our background, and on our experience with clinical trials of own ATMP products, PrimeCell aims to establish as a Service Provider into the CRO field offering services to sponsors of Clinical Trials. We are intending to frame the area of our services in the domain of Regenerative Medicine, Cell Therapies and Stem Cells Applications, providing a full range of support from protocol writing to site selection and from regulatory approvals to patient recruitment.

PrimeCell is a group of biotech companies focused on the development of cell-based medicinal products with the aim to enhance the quality of human life. In this perspective we utilize natural healing and regenerative properties of cells and provide patients with new highly personalised and effective treatment methods. www.primecell.cz

PrimeCell Therapeutics was founded in 2005. It is recognised as one of the top European investors in regenerative medicine. It owns and operates a highly innovative development and production infrastructure for applied research and for the procession and production of human cells and tissues. New Infrastructure is based on a space of 8000 sqm. Laboratory while 2000 sqm. of which are cGMP labs dedicated to the development and manufacture of cell and tissue products. These are used also as incubator and accelerator: www.natic.cz, www.4medi.cz

One of the cornerstones of PrimeCell Therapeutics activities is an intensive co-operation with renowned domestic and international (EU, USA, South Korea, China) scientific institutions and clinical centres with the goal of transferring the fundamental research results into clinical practise for patients use. In these terms and additionally to our long time close cooperation with University Hospitals, we also have access in own 45 hospital network in central EU region with hundred thousands of unique patients per year and having a goal to expand its current network of more than 100 clinical centres and partners in the wider region.

Conduction of Clinical Trials, especially in our domain of expertise, are logistically complex, therefore our principle is to find and manage the best vendors, and taking as an advantage the very competitive prices comparing to USA or west EU countries, and to create a cost effective final service.

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Is to establish a complete and accurate set of services fully satisfying the requirements of our customers, targeting either to Stem Cell producing and manufacturing companies in USA and Canada or assisting other CRO’s in Europe, having always in mind our social role for the improvement of healthcare services in Europe.


Is to establish an efficient platform for CRO Services, guaranteeing a growing size of business in the domain. To become a reference point for this domain in the region. To become a leading entity for the conduction of Clinical Trials in this particular domain in Europe.