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Connection to the Societal Needs

Specializing in Regenerative Medicine and Cell Therapies. Focusing on EU, and the Central-Eastern Europe

Modern healthcare concept aims to improve the understanding on patients, treatments, outcomes and costs by using global real-world data (RWD), harnessing its power for commercial insights and generating evidence for scientific purposes.

1. Decisions made on shared Real Data:

Companies are increasingly using RWD globally to generate evidence to meet the needs of regulators, payers, providers and patients.

  • R&D: Design more efficient studies by validating the feasibility of study designs and selecting sites with the right patients
  • Market Access, Safety, and Medical Affairs: Create real-world evidence in studies that support regulatory and reimbursement needs
  • Brand teams: Develop more compelling value propositions for their products and more actionable commercial plans

2. Development of a Real-World Insights ecosystem:

Power insights from real-world data by creating comprehensive and scalable views of patients, treatments, costs and outcomes.

  • Build a reusable set of broad and clinically rich RWD through prospective studies, existing healthcare databases and therapeutic area data networks.
  • Epidemiology & drug safety and outcomes research
  • Patient landscapes

3. Innovative methodology in creating and accessing RWD:

We help you to create complete disease views by developing data sources providing both population views and clinical data.

  • Leverage our existing data especially in the domain of Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cells based therapies.
  • Addition of new data of external and internal indexed patient-level data sources
  • Generate new clinically rich data through enriched and prospective studies

4. Integrate prospective and existing healthcare data:

For a new approach to building evidence, prospective data is critical to support real-world evidence needs. Linking primary data collection with existing RWD allows you to prospectively collect only the data you need to answer more questions with a single study.

  • Reduced burden on sites
  • More efficient long term follow-up
  • Ability to reuse captured data