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Creating Commercial Value

Specializing in Regenerative Medicine and Cell Therapies. Focusing on EU, and the Central-Eastern Europe

Creating Commercial Value

We are trying to give a broader perspective to the commercialization process, Merging our practical expertise and execution capabilities with the opportunities raising from our location and networks. In these terms we try to optimize commercial performance through multi-channel marketing and make connections with integrated applications that position your commercial teams for success:

1. We Help you to identify the potential of your products to our market

  • Pipeline viability and potential investment evaluation.
  • Cost, risk and commercial opportunity analysis
  • Market access and HTA risk assessment
  • Integrated commercial and clinical data plus operational experience
  • Evidence-based risk profiling for product development and regulatory assessment

2. We Assist in clinical development solutions

  • Assessments of both clinical value and commercial potential to guide investment strategy
  • Stakeholder insights to inform value proposition and pricing
  • Multi-disciplinary solutions that address medical, regulatory, and commercial objectives
  • Global strategy implementation on a regional and local level

3. We Add to the excellence and the promotion

  • Frameworks designed to help successfully launch a brand
  • Increased share of voice with multichannel marketing and in-person execution
  • Proprietary clinical and commercial data
  • Launch analytics and technology deliver insights and track performance

4. We Optimize products and brand strategies

  • A spectrum of commercial outsourcing solutions, determining strategy and investment.
  • Retain control and maximize the value of the product and your company with our access to the data and our expertise.

5. We Demonstrate the value to the Market and the Stakeholders

  • Retain control of strategy, marketing and pricing
  • Make informed decisions with real-time, actionable analytics
  • Integrate internal & external teams seamlessly

6. We Maximize the impact and the commercial effectiveness

  • Maximize value for your product and your company
  • Minimize risk by making your commercial infrastructure variable
  • Ensure future flexibility as strategies shift