U Plynárny 1002/97, Prague 10, 101 00 Czech Republic

Part of the Innovative Technology

Specializing in Regenerative Medicine and Cell Therapies. Focusing on EU, and the Central-Eastern Europe

Part of the Innovative Technology

Technology solutions are the enabling force for competitiveness, differentiation and acceleration of any business model transformation.

Our purpose is to build technology solutions on short term and on long term-basis:


  • We aim to power clinical trials, to analyse the results of real-world studies, and to have commercial engagements on a predictable, safe, and efficient way.
  • We intend to participate in specialized networks giving us access to the management of big data and allowing us to explore specialized databases
  • We are part of a continuous know-how input process allowing us to continuously update and restructure our outcomes
  • We are part of a continuous regulatory-frame input process allowing us to be proactive and compliant with transparency requirements.
  • We integrate safety actions across all the spectrum of our services and we have multiple inputs in order to identify opportunities and to minimize adverse events and potential risks

Long Term

  • Participate in Consortia and Networks on Research and Innovation in our domain and being a part of funded research mechanisms from public and private sectors
  • Being actively involved in Associations and Fora contributing into the dialog and the decision making process
  • Have access to technology solutions resource centres, retrieving solutions on a case by case basis and in all domains:
    • Clinical Solutions
    • Commercialization Solutions
    • Enterprise Information Management

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