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What makes us different

Specializing in Regenerative Medicine and Cell Therapies. Focusing on EU, and the Central-Eastern Europe

Specializing in Regenerative Medicine and Cell Therapies

High efficiency is a matter of specialization and expertise

Our long term experience in the domain give us a strategic advantage for the offer of CRO and CMO services in these domains. Also allows us to provide assisting services to other CRO’s with a wider spectrum of activities.

Clinical Research in the domains of RM and CT presents particularities compared to any other in:

1) Patient orientation (tissues & speciements, mechanisms of specific diseases, therapeutic interventions)
2) Behavioural studies
3) Healthcare services

Ethical principles for clinical research establish involving human subjects should be conducted in accordance with basic ethical principles: respect for persons, beneficence and justice. Respect for persons means recognizing that all individuals should be respected and have the right to choose what treatments they receive; beneficence means protecting people from harm by maximizing benefits and minimizing risks; and justice means ensuring that all people share the benefits and burdens of research equally. The ethical issues especially in the domains of CT and RM have becoome a subject for public debates with controversial opinions and it is a very sersitive ground of decision.

Therefore the following issues must be particularly emphasized:

  • Subjects must give their informed consent to participate in clinical research and may withdraw at any time
  • Clinical research must provide potential benefits to society, though not directly to the subjects
  • Experiments must be designed and conducted to avoid injury to subjects
  • Clinical research must be separate from medical care
  • Ethical committees for clinical research, such as institutional review boards (IRBs) or independent ethics committees (IECs), must review, approve and monitor research involving humans

Focusing on EU, and the Central-Eastern Europe

Prague, Czech Republic is located in the heart of Europe, in tight connection with countries having a similar infrastructure, similar requirements and relativelly low frequency of CRO services in this domain.

Prague, Czech Republic

We are in the position to coordinate a vaste Network of hosptals and patients in the wider area.

There is a relativelly flexible regulatory frame, and Czech State has a precedent of fast implementation of the EC directives (in the top 10%)

Working power and current expenses make Czech Republic highly competitive and cost-effective compared to Western European Countries, USA and Canada

Choosing this particular timing

In the current time there are more than 1,100 CRO’s in the World, while the top 10 among them control 55% of the Market.
The actual size of the market: is more than 28 billion $ (2016).

The annual growth among smaller CRO companies is estimated 8.5%. However the competitiveness of this domain in the region is rather limited. This makes us believe that establishing a specialized CRO service will permit is to provide an efficient and accurate service to our customers and to guarantee an appropriate public service.