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Who are we working for

Four groups of potential partners

We can identify four groups of potential partners both from the EU or outside the EU to whom we can help to gain specific benefits according to their nature and the place of origin.

Stem cell and RM companies

Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine companies from non EU countries (mostly USA and Canada) may have an interest for our offer basically for the cost effectiveness. Additional benefits:

  • We have our own RM Products in clinical trials in EU
  • The possibility of sponsorship and co-investment into IP/products
  • Our operational infrastructure in all levels
  • The regulatory frame for all operations (EMA)
  • Own distribution network and logistics for cells and tissues in EU
  • The network of own hospitals in Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland
  • The manpower capacity with very experienced personnel in all levels
  • The vast network of patients for recruitment in clinical trials
  • The speed in operations we guarantee
  • Our long term relations with the payers

Biotech Companies

Biotech companies from both EU and not EU countries, which are not specializing in Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine may have an interest to our offer because:

  • They can use our expertise in Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine for their customers interested to conduct clinical trials in these domainsThey can still use the facility of the hospitals network as well as the personnel for efficient and reliable clinical trials, under the EMA directives in other specializations where we have competence (Oncology), Orthopaedics, Ophthalmology, Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Diabetes, Neurology etc.)
  • They can benefit of a full CRO service in their requirement and to be in connection to our qualified vendors
  • They can use the opportunity in marketing their products and services in a new wide market
  • The can benefit by the fact that we directly manage our network of hospitals and medical profesionals

CRO Companies

CRO Companies have a potential of cooperation with us, using our expertise and infrastructure for common benefit:

  • They can use our expertise in Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine for their customers interested to conduct clinical trials in these domains
  • They can use our network of hospitals, specialized personnel and patients for recruitment in conducting clinical trials for their customers in a new site
  • The can promote our intention to co-invest and sponsor clinical trials in the domains of SC and RM on a case by case basis
  • They can consider us as their alliance / sub-contractor in the area of the Central-Eastern Europe and not as their competitors

Universities and science organisations

Public Institutions and Research Centres aiming to conduct clinical trials in the domains of SC and RM they have an interest in exploring our proposal because:

  • The cost effectiveness
  • Our intention to sponsor and co-invest
  • The network of own hospitals, specialized personnel and patients
  • The guarantee of the EMA regulatory framework with experience in our own products
  • Our expertise in the domain and our CRO providing service

Additionally, Institutions from non-EU countries can have:

  • The opportunity to participate in EU research consortia and funding mechanisms
  • The opportunity to connect with private end-users
  • The opportunity to develop technology-transfer paths in EU